Harry Potter Letdown (spoiler for book 7)

I’m always late catching up to things like technology, tv, books, etc., and Harry Potter is no exception. I read the book this summer and a conversation tonight reminded me that I really enjoyed it except for a couple of things. (scroll down for spoilers if you’re not even farther behind than me)

I was disappointed that Rowling copped out of killing Harry, which all the signs pointed to in the book, even before Harry knew it. Specifically Harry being a Horcrux, heavily foreshadowed. And the other Horcruxes were destroyed with significant problems to them, so it seemed like Harry would be killed, lifting the remaining Horcrux and leaving Voldemort vulnerable to defeat. Anyway, it’s possible she bowed to pressure from fans and/or the publisher and/or the movie studio. It wouldn’t have had the happy ending that people sought, but I found this ending to be very storybook/fantasy. Fake, almost. Especially when you consider how many people died and how relatively few of them were “main characters”. It’s such the Hollywood way.

The other thing I found awkward was the leftover tension with Malfoy. This time, signs were indicating that Harry and Malfoy would come to terms and make truce, and I found that I was hoping for that in the ending (in the battle aftermath, not the epilogue). It seemed that Draco could realize that Harry had saved his life a couple of times that day, while Harry could be forgiving (not that he wasn’t also nasty to Draco).

It’s probably a sign of a great book when fans have so much to say about what they thought.


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