Hating Pants

I hate pants. You buy them to fit well, but then you gain 5 pounds and they’re too tight. I feel like a tool when I need to have the button undone. And if you do that, then you can’t wear a belt. Sometimes you’re supposed to tuck in (possibly the #1 worst part about dressing up)… they’re just awash with possible problems.

Right, so after a while of this, I decided it was smarter to lose a few pounds than to buy a full wardrobe of pants that fit. But not all my pants were too tight, and now I own a few pairs that are too large, and fall down unless I wear a belt. I’m still not used to this, so sometimes I’m out and feeling like a 15-year old boy who’s trying to look cool by showing as much boxers as pants. Except looking ridiculous isn’t cool (despite what passes for fashion) and again, I feel like a tool.

It seems economically sound to buy pants and just eat and exercise so that they always fit. They’re actually an early warning system for weight gain or loss, and possibly a better one than a bathroom scale, because fitting clothes matters more than an exact number weight.

Let’s go back to togas and robes, ok?


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