Clean Desk, Clean Mind

I love cleaning my desk. Or my room. Sure, I’m lazy as anyone when it comes to actually doing it, but the feeling I get afterward is fantastic. It honestly feels like a weight has been lifted off me; I’m less stressed and feel more in control. Sometimes I’m at work extra late, and I’m going crazy. But if I put in 15 minutes of organizing my desk, I feel good again. Partly because I’ve actually accomplished something (you’d be surprised at how little extra work gets done when you stay late), but partly because I’ve sorted everything out for myself. I know what’s going on tomorrow, and even a couple days after that.

At home, the connection to my job (and the stress it brings) isn’t there, but the satisfaction and pride certainly are. And there is still a feeling of relief and calming. I think the environment around me is a metaphor for my brain. If it’s clean and tidy, my thoughts are flowing. But if not, then I’m always one step behind.


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