Getting Around In Toronto

I like how Toronto didn’t give its downtown streets names like 2nd street, 5th avenue, etc. I appreciate how street names give character to streets and neighbourhoods. Toronto also doesn’t follow conventions like “streets are NS and avenues are EW.” Yes, this can be a pretty helpful system, and isn’t hard to implement, though some streets just sound better with “Avenue” or “Street” or “Road”. …Maybe because we already know them, so a change would sound weird.

What Toronto does even more subtly is numbering. Haven’t noticed? Don’t worry, you’d be shocked at how few people know this. Here it is: Even numbers are always on the North and West sides of the street. How can you remember? One major Toronto landmark, Maple Leaf Gardens, is at 20 Carlton Street, at the northwest corner of Carlton and Church Streets. And the Eaton Centre, another Toronto landmark, is at 250 Yonge Street (on the west side). Now you know where to go!


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