Flying flags at half mast is supposed to honour and/or show respect for the dead. The flag outside my work is at half-mast, but who or what is this honouring? It could be the recent tragedy in Haiti, it could be Canadian soldiers dying in Afghanistan, it could be an employee who passed away sometime before I started working there, or it could be anything else.

Really, I don’t know anymore. Flags are half-masted* so often now, it seems, to the point where I hardly notice it or draw any meaning from it. It feels like an exclusive nightclub has just started letting in anybody. So what’s the point? Either there should be some higher standard of “mourning” that merits a half-mast flag, or else it’ll just seem everyone’s constantly thinking about people who have died, which is really sad. There’s probably no god, so stop worrying and enjoy your life.

And please, when you do half-mast, don’t forget to put the flag back up! Even a week is pushing it.


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