A collection of short thoughts #2

I notice how teachers dress up a little more on parent-teacher interview day. Some men will choose only those days to wear a suit. I don’t even wear a suit to job interviews. It’s not Halloween. I go as my self every day.

If someone used the word “stretch” to describe something getting smaller, I’m sure most people would object. And yet some math textbooks and teachers do this. I think high school math gets abstract enough that straying from intuitive meaning could confuse the hell out of students.

How do airplanes manage with the tiniest wheels?

I joined a Celebrity Death Pool this year, where you pick who you think will kick the bucket this year. Sort of like fantasy baseball, but it’s harder to choose your team. You can’t have a go-to guy like in fantasy baseball. Albert Pujols and Roy Halladay will always produce, but there is no such thing as a reliable dier.

Candy brands, like M&Ms and Smarties, have had contests of “what should the next colour be?” and let their fans vote. I think they should do this with sweet peppers. Red, orange, yellow, green. What will be next? You decide! (pick purple).

I just heard of the book, “John Dies at the End”. This is a brilliant title for a book, because now I want to read it without knowing anything about it. Well, anything else.

Lost has finally ended. I never watched it, but still was entertained by it. Know what’s better than watching Lost? Reading the various “WTF!” status updates on Facebook after each episode.


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