The Prestige

Christopher Nolan is amazing.  He might be my favourite director.  I watched The Prestige solely on the merit that he directed it.

Anyway, The Prestige is about a feud between two rival magicians who go to great lengths to both outdo each other and to ruin each other.  It was really good.  Like most Nolan movies, both worthy and necessary to re-watch.

This might count as a spoiler…I’ll try not to ruin too much, but the greatest accomplishment of all is more of a technology than what you’d consider actual “magic” as magicians do.  This left me kind of disappointed, as the desire to be a great magician sort of drifted from magic to I’ll-do-anything-to-beat-him.  So I’m not sure the men actually proved themselves to be great magicians at all.

Obligatory:  “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke


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