Super Mario Indeed!

Here is a list of many of the super powers that Mario has shown in games:

  • Can jump to multiple times his own height
  • Can change direction in mid air
  • Can fly using a cape, hat with wings, or (even more amazingly) a raccoon tail.  At least the propeller mushroom makes some sense.
  • Can ingest a magic mushroom and grow to twice his size
  • Can ingest a “fire” flower and be able to generate and throw fireballs
  • Can ingest an “ice” flower and be able to generate and throw ice pellets
  • Can walk up walls beyond the normal limits of physics
  • Does not get hurt falling from a great height
  • Can jump and accelerate quickly downwards
  • Can fly through empty space without suffocating.
  • Can spin with enough force to break through otherwise solid ground or kill otherwise lethal enemies
Omitted from the list are things that are more properties of the surroundings or items:
  • The enemies that die by being stepped on from above
  • The vines that are strong enough to support his weight when he holds on or climbs
  • The frog suit that improves jumping makes some sense (similar to wearing something on ones feet)
  • The penguin suit that allows him to slide around on some surfaces
  • The hat that allows him to walk through some walls
  • The hat that turns his body into a metallic substance.
The ones that break the laws of physics are most incredible.  But those kinds of things happen in many video games.

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  1. LOL that bout adds it all up 🙂

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