Is there a correlation with going clubbing and cheating on sexual partners?

I guess I’m thinking of this like a scientific study.  What I’d like to investigate is the strength of the correlation between people who go clubbing and cheating in current and/or future relationships.
My instinct says that people who currently go clubbing are more likely to cheat than those who don’t, and even that people who used to go clubbing are more likely to cheat than those who never did.
The premise is that the atmosphere of a nightclub is that of sexual attention.  Well-dressed people, dancing intimately, with low lights, alcohol, and sometimes drugs.  Even if you’re not trying to pick up, you’re bound to get some sexual attention (flirting, dancing, people looking at you).  Many people like sexual attention, and strut and flirt in order to get more.  I think these people would be much more likely cheat.
If you’re not getting that attention from your partner (or even if you are but one person isnt enough attention) then you might seek it out.  And naturally if you’re a current or former clubber, you’ll know a good place to get it.
Back to the focus: What’s the correlation for current clubbers, and does it change if you stop going to the club, or does that need for sexual attention persist?
If you wanted to be more specific, you could analyze what happens if one vs both partners are or were regular clubbers, or if they met at a club, and so on.
This seems like it would be impossible to do a proper double-blind study, and I wonder what would be the best way of figuring this out.  I wish I remembered more of this stuff from uni.  I also wonder if the effect is biological (neurological, brain chemicals), or psychological (not sure which subcategory), or if those are both true here and I should get out now before I say something idiotic.

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