Some things that haven’t added up in my eyes:

Say I was good but my wife was not.  So I would go to heaven but she would go to hell.  But I love my wife.  It just wouldn’t be heaven if she wasn’t there.   Now what?  Does her soul get copied, and some android controls the part in my heaven, but she doesn’t know, and just suffers in hell?  I imagine her soul would have to get copied a lot of times.  Her friends and family would want her in their heavens too.

Wow a religious person might freak out at the thought of their soul being copied and used to make other people happy while they themselves rot in hell.  They would probably feel that that was unjust.  I heard that some serious criminals don’t believe they’re doing anything immoral.  I wonder how many of them would have cause for alarm.  There are some ridiculous things that are considered sins, like the one about wearing two different fabrics together.  That this discredits the Bible’s reliability of what would actually get you sent to hell makes sense, but then they really ought to change those ridiculous laws (example, the Toronto law that forbids dragging a dead horse down Yonge St. on a Sunday).  If that actually exists (I’m skeptical) then doesn’t that discredit our laws in a similar way to the Bible?

Ok, the debate could continue because we could just remove those sorts of laws.  But because the Bible is 2000 years old, nobody would agree to change it. And different sects already interpret the Bible differently.  And what if the Pope thinks that mixing fabrics is demonic?

If they did think about one silly Bible passage, they might scour the book for other outdated notions.  But if someone asked for the horse law to be repealed, the legal authorities would not read through every other law to see what others might be outdated.

Why not?” Is that even feasible?


Wow, I got sidetracked.  I don’t believe in souls, but the notion seems that they would be too precious to copy.  Another issue I have: what age is someone in heaven?  If I died now, I would hope to be my age.  But if I was 93, I would probably rather be younger than that in heaven.  And what if I’d had cancer, or broken all my ribs, or had a leg amputated? Who’s even to say?

But heaven is probably beyond the physical form.  Though I don’t even think that could happen.

OK, so it’s metaphorical. Your soul is happy, but we really mean the memory of you.  Which I do agree with, but it has nothing to do with religion. You’re still in the ground, but because you were a good person, we think fondly of you after you’re gone.  Can this be the new standard?


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