Monthly Archives: December 2011

Most people don’t normally like skin or lumps in their mashed potatoes (come on, skin is delish, and good for you), but in restaurants, I like them, because they are evidence that my food is made from potatoes, and not a mix.

The internet lounge I’m posting from allows smoking.  UGH.

On Christmas, a few of us went to the point and climbed down some rocks.  It was a cool outcropping of sedimentary rocks, and I wondered how they were formed (I don’t remember enough) and eroded.  I found large rocks to hit against the thin layers exposed from the side, and I thought of humans learning such things tens of thousands of years ago.



Say you’re engaged, and because you’re religious, you and your partner are virgins.  Then your financee tells you she’s pregnant.  Not only that, but the father is some sort of “holy spirit”, rather than another man.  So she’s still technically a virgin.  Oh, and even though you’ll be married before then, she won’t have sex with you until after the baby’s born.  Right, and he’s the son of God.

I would love to know what would go through a Christian or Muslim guy’s mind if that happened to him today.