Canada must learn to protest

Dear Canada, I challenge you.

The Conservative election fraud scandal is the topic du jour, and people are starting to make themselves heard.  31,000 complaints to Elections Canada.  Oh, and in Vancouver, literally hundreds of people took to the streets last weekend.

Ho hum.

This pales in comparison to the numbers of people who protested, say, the G20Occupy Toronto was a piddling two or three thousand.

So by Canadian standards, this election fraud protest isn’t a big one.

But Canadian standards, honestly, are pathetic.  I don’t know if we’re lazy, uninformed, uneducated, apathetic, unsympathetic, or what, but if you want to make the government listen, you’re going to need more than a few hundred people.

Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions had protests of hundreds of thousands of people demanding new governments.  Rome’s Iraq war protest drew 3 million people.  Canada, to its credit, actually had people show up for some of its own, but in comparison, Chile had protests just as large just to reform their education system.  Not for people being killed, or fear for safety, or unjust government (though that is not unrelated), but just so middle- and lower-class people get fair access to education.

So rise up, Canada, show that election integrity needs to be protected, and that we won’t settle for anything less than the democratic best.  The Conservative government has done a few protest-worthy acts since it was granted a majority; we have to actually let them know that we won’t stand for it.

This goes for other issues as well.  Canadians need to show they care*, and in large enough numbers to make a difference. 300 is nothing.  Thirty thousand is something.

*Care was the first word that came to mind, and shows me that either my English is poor, or that it was the Canadian in me using a friendly- and nurturing-sounding word.  “Care about it” should be replaced with “Bloody well fucking demand it, because we wouldn’t want to live in a Canada without it”

That’s more like it.


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  1. I am continually annoyed by this. I’ve always been envious of French student protests; when they feel like protesting, they shut down the country: rail lines are closed, traffic is stopped, they disrupt everything until their position is heard.

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