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Televised games

What games would people watch on TV?  They probably all exist already in some fashion, but here are some thoughts:

Televised Chess
Televised Bridge
Televised Scrabble
Televised Poker (nobody would ever watch this, right?)
Televised Call of Duty
Televised Magic: The Gathering
Televised Beer Pong

When I thought about things like poker and darts, I wondered where the line is drawn between “game” and “sport”, and also “activity”.  Is darts a sport?  If a sport involves physical ability, including dexterity, then beer pong is just as much a sport as darts.  And considering “activity”: I would think that snowboarding and biking are sports when you race or do tricks in competition, and activities otherwise.  It follows then that individual things can be “activities” but team things can’t.  No matter how little you care about winning, I would still call volleyball and rugby “sports”.  Golf is some sort of exception, because playing a round alone, even if you don’t keep score, I believe would still qualify as a sport.

And now I can’t stop thinking about this.


Super Bowl Commercials in Canada

In Canada, we don’t get to see many, if any, Super Bowl commercials. They override them with normal, boring commercials that we see all the time already. It’s a real disappointment to miss out on what’s considered, for good reason, a big part of the show.

Today: a new hypothesis. Is the overriding of the commercials required to satisfy CanCon? (Canadian content laws)


EDIT: Apparently, it’s not.  The American companies only pay to have ads aired in the States, and the Canadian network that sim-subs the feed gets to sell their own commercial space to pay for the sim-sub, just like every other American show they air.  Thanks, friends!

Elmer and Bugs

Say this as if it was a word with no vowels: Ph.D.

“Elmer Fudd” could very easily have come from Elmer, Ph.D. It’s very possible.

And that gives a whole new clarity to the phrase, “What’s up, Doc?”

South Park’s Baseball Episode

In the finals between South Park and Denver, the Denver team is so good at sucking that they can pitch the ball at South Park’s bats, and hit fly balls into South Park’s gloves.

But Denver, like all the other teams, has been trying to lose the whole time. So just how incredible must the other teams in Denver’s division have been, for Denver to have been the team that was *worst* at losing?