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Fun vs Effort

I went surfing and it wasn’t great.  It just required so much paddling compared to the thrill of riding waves (if caught, and even then, standing up is tough).  So I started wondering about the fun of an activity vs the effort it requires.  I wondered if there was a ratio above which the activity becomes “worth it”.

Volleyball and golf are low-effort and lots of fun.  Squash, soccer, and ultimate are high-effort, but also fun.  Baseball isn’t as fun, but definitely requires less effort.

The issue of going to the gym to work out – not fun by any means, but still something I enjoy, ruins this whole idea.  There must be other factors.  Feeling of reward from good exercise and possibly endorphins.  And then level of competition, the company you’re around, etc.

It’s nice that things can’t be boiled down to just numbers.  Some concepts are just too complicated.  Life is complicated.  If it was so simple, it wouldn’t be worth doing.


Island Triangles

Consider the island of Great Britain.  Imagine choosing 3 points on the coast, and connecting those points to make a triangle. I think there would be an infinite number of possible triangles.  Would that still be the case if we added the condition that the sides of the triangle may not cross the coastline?

And is it possible to create even one equilateral triangle that doesn’t cross the coastline?

I have no clue how to approach as a general case.