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Ad Idea: Ritz

Inspired by Mitch Hedberg, who said he didn’t get Ritz crackers to eat with toppings (“They’re not little edible plates!”) and would rather have a Ritz on a Ritz.  I think that would be a great ad campaign.

Ritz crackers – so delicious, you’ll top them with more Ritz.


Thought 2: Diamond Shreddies

I love the Diamond Shreddies advertising campaign. Sheer brilliance. A perfect satire on the “new and improved” style of advertising, because the product is neither. The key is that the product has “changed” but in only the tiniest way. Some products change the colour of the packaging or the product itself, but even that would be too much change for this sort of parody.

The campaign goes further by pitting the old and new products against each other, supported by consumer choice (“which do you prefer?”) tv ads and a website dedicated to the ongoing poll. I’m hoping that they declare Diamond the winner, and run exclusively Diamond Shreddies for a while. Should they eventually return to just plain Shreddies? They could even call them Classic Shreddies (a play on New Coke).

The advertising campaign has boosted sales (not hard to see why when everyone’s talking about them. When was the last time you talked about Bran Flakes?). I wonder when successful ad campaigns are deemed “over” by executives. Is it when sales start to slide toward normal levels? Or do they just try to create a buzz and end before the peak?

Good, good, Diamond Shreddies!