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Super Bowl Betting

Like millions of other people, I was watching the Super Bowl this year. And for the first ten minutes or so, I couldn’t help but thinking about money changing hands. Not on the overall outcome of the game – that’s a given for any major sporting event – but down to each play.

It starts with the coin toss. Who’s gonna win the toss? What are they going to choose? Then the kickoff. What player catches it? How far is it returned? What kind of odds do people give for a kickoff touchdown? And even the drives. Is the first play a rush or a pass? If a pass, is it completed? Do they make the first first down? Does the first drive end with a touchdown, field goal, or something else?

I could seriously picture many many people gambling on all these petty outcomes. Some people betting a dollar on them, and some hard-core types betting far too much. In the end, my head was hurting thinking about the meta-game and all that, and I stopped so that I could just enjoy watching.

Oh yah: the onside kick to start the second half? AWESOME.