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Washroom Attendants

Having worked as a server, I recognize the hard work and stress that comes with work in the service industry.  So I tip servers/barbers/cab drivers/etc rather generously.

But I get a sinking feeling when I enter a washroom and there’s a washroom attendant.  Many of those guys are cool and friendly, but I don’t want to have the soap squirted into my hands, and I don’t need to have a paper towel handed to me.  I don’t use their colognes or other stuff, so I hate feeling the obligation to tip for a service I didn’t want or need or ask for.

Even worse was a recent time when I didn’t tip the guy (he pretty much asked for a tip, wtf) and the next time I used the restroom he was a jerk about it, like, no you may not use my soap or take one of my paper towels.

So I looked up their job description, and it was a bit of a discovery, since these guys’ presence helps keep restrooms clean, prevents fights from starting, and prevents drug use.  All of those make sense, especially at night clubs, which is the only place I’ve seen them.  But is that a tippable service?  Is it akin to tipping a police officer?  It’s definitely a passive service rather than an active one, if it’s considered a service at all.

They may have more purpose than I thought at first, but I would rather they just did the important security part and let me take my own soap (and I use the air dryers, thanks).


I would love it if washrooms that used paper towel had a separate bin for it, to be recycled.