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Ride the Wind

Today, I phoned my cell phone provider to tell them I was cancelling my service. I had been procrastinating doing this for a while now. I’m going to switch to the new provider in Canada, WIND Mobile.

Canadians have some of the highest cell phone rates among developed countries (see links below). Prior to the release of WIND, three companies owned 90-something percent of all mobile subscriptions in the country. Rogers, Bell, and Telus. Remember: Fido, Solo, and Koodo are owned by the same three companies (respectively). The Supreme Court had to rule on whether WIND met Canadian ownership requirements (see next group of links below). Luckily, it was agreed that it did. The competition for Canadian mobile service now has the chance to open up.

WIND isn’t going to save me much money, but the message I sent my provider by switching is, “You could do better.” I chose to switch to WIND partly because of its good rates, but more because if people leave their current mobile providers, those providers will have to do something to stay competitive. Like lowering their prices. It’s about time. If WIND makes a big enough impact, expect to see radical changes in the way the other mobile companies do business.

The WIND “Always Shout” plan, $45/month
— Unlimited anytime calling to anywhere in Canada
— Unlimited incoming and outgoing texts
— Voicemail/call display/call forwarding/call waiting/etc
— No contract

— Must be in a WIND “home zone” (in the GTA, this currently stretches to Hamilton, Brampton, Newmarket, and Oshawa)
— Currently only works with a few phones

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