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World Cup

There’s a World Cup of Football going on right now, and despite the obvious popularity, somehow I’m hearing nearly as much about it from people expressing their dislike of the whole thing. Ok, free speech, no problem. But: Really? I can’t remember any good event for which more people have denounced it. And to clear any misunderstanding, by “good”, I mean positive and enjoyable, rather than things like the Gaza blockade, or Mike Harris’ honourary degree*.
I can’t wait for school to end so I can watch more matches. Here’s how excited I am to watch more soccer: I will get up in the morning.

I’m torn, too, about the vuvuzela, aka those annoying horns. They’re so bad that when I first turned on a game, I wondered if my TV was busted. Then again, they represent both national pride (imagine people wanting to ban our Olympic mittens!) and home field advantage.
I like this quotation: “A ban would rob the tournament of part of its cultural identity, leaving thousands of locals perplexed: could you imagine being told by an international body that you could no longer drink beer at American football games, or fall asleep during baseball?” Ryan Bailey, Yahoo Sports

I still wish I was going to South Africa, despite the $3000 plane tickets. I’ll make another try for Brazil in 2014. Cheers!